Amit Mohite
Amit Mohite Acum 19 ore
Yeah baby...that’s the spirit! Moon 🌚 we’re coming!
Lofi Wurld
Lofi Wurld Acum 19 ore
Who the new administrator?
The Man
The Man Acum 19 ore
Imagine having your comment hearted by nasa Do they even read comments?
Miirt B
Miirt B Acum 19 ore
Elon musk only recently came up with the technology of landing a rocket back on earth. You telling me during the late 1960s people had the technology to land rockets when we only achieved this recently? Makes you think...
AJ OC Acum 19 ore
Let's gooooo 🚀
brainstew82 Acum 19 ore
16 // 16 // 16
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar Acum 19 ore
Let's go
Ajay Tamang
Ajay Tamang Acum 19 ore
Why USA is so advance?... W Indian Congress & bjp LoL 🤔🤔
Coal Liht
Coal Liht Acum 20 ore
Nasa should send the 10 mill play button to the moon
musawergharibyar Acum 20 ore
Konrad •
Konrad • Acum 20 ore
For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures, 1 Corinthians 15:3-4
6th Galaxy
6th Galaxy Acum 20 ore
She needs a multipass!
Drowsy Acum 20 ore
pftttt we all know they just want the secret moon cheese
Эволюция Вселенной
Эволюция Вселенной Acum 20 ore
Сделайте это. Вам верит всё человечество!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IneptOrange Acum 20 ore
I feel comfort in the possibility my grandchildren will see the test launches for Artemis 😌
Ashu Sharma
Ashu Sharma Acum 20 ore
UndeadLou Acum 20 ore
I was born too early
Chris S
Chris S Acum 20 ore
Meanwhile, SpaceX just landed Starship.
BassGenix music
BassGenix music Acum 20 ore
It’s like watching a mission briefing cutscene in a space video game
Light Bulb
Light Bulb Acum 20 ore
"nah uhhhhhhhwe gotta uhhhhhhhhh keep funding isreal n shieeeett bomb syria n shieeett"
Apoorv jain
Apoorv jain Acum 20 ore
Tomorrow is my exam and im focusing on this video 🙃
UndeadLou Acum 20 ore
OH LOOK! it's the guy that's Navy seal, Doctor and astronaut
Apoorv jain
Apoorv jain Acum 20 ore
Tomorrow is my exam and im focusing on this video 🙃
Apoorv jain
Apoorv jain Acum 20 ore
Tomorrow is my exam and im focusing on this video 🙃
Marc'o 175
Marc'o 175 Acum 20 ore
"our mission to moon is no longer a far fetched dream" - so said the hear that when it was so "easy" 50 years ago haha
Marc'o 175
Marc'o 175 Acum 20 ore
@Un homme qui court. thats why it says "easy" and not easy. I mean they had no idea at all what spave is, they didn't really care bout van allen belts or whatever, they needed like 9 years? including never been to leo before and what not. They basically hab no experience what so ever and "just did it" so that it looked quite "easy" back than. feels like its harder today even tho we have more experience and better technology.
Un homme qui court.
Un homme qui court. Acum 20 ore
It wasn t easy at all and no one ever said that, but ok
فارس الجهني
فارس الجهني Acum 20 ore
Why not use falcon heavy to send Orion vehicle to Luna?
IneptOrange Acum 20 ore
Weight constraints I'd imagine. That, and they'd rather throw the most powerful reusable rocket engines we currently have in the ocean.
Jonathan Bennett
Jonathan Bennett Acum 20 ore
Back to the moon again
DeCode1 Blackmoore-EU
DeCode1 Blackmoore-EU Acum 20 ore
Looks fakey
SN9 Acum 20 ore
your brain?
jncnv1234 Acum 20 ore
Why they dont repeat apolo mission? So they dont have to develop new rockets? :v
IneptOrange Acum 20 ore
Because building a launch vehicle from fifty years ago isn't really possible. The rocket engines alone are a nightmare to reproduce because we don't have the original engineers notes.
KrepinTV Acum 20 ore
Meanwhile spacex developed 2 different types of reusable rockets
ELPOLLO RD Acum 20 ore
I wanna go to Mars pls
How I See It
How I See It Acum 21 oră
NASA been moving crazy lately. Loving it.
Fredric Bethune
Fredric Bethune Acum 21 oră
We are a Space Fairing Species who’s destiny is to leave earth and colonize the galaxy. This is the first baby step. Mars next, then conquer light speed and off to the stars.
averagepainter Acum 21 oră
2:10 so the moon is a planet?
Anon Acum 21 oră
US government: no lol let’s bomb Syria instead
Belenus Six
Belenus Six Acum 21 oră
2026. After being driven to the NASA museum by my Tesla, 'no son, it never flew'
Donovan Eretz Farrakan
Donovan Eretz Farrakan Acum 21 oră
Never forget that Obama robbed 10 years of lunar travel development from the American people and gave it to Iran. Obama hurt American supremacy in space and made America look weak by sending American astronauts to space from Russia. Never forget
Belenus Six
Belenus Six Acum 21 oră
Imagine having so much museum space to fill you have to build new exhibits.
F Amc
F Amc Acum 21 oră
Good luck, Artemis! Focus!
shadowlemens Acum 21 oră
Who ever disliked this video you are a sad person this is a big moment for mankind should be proud of this you fools.
Sir Yes
Sir Yes Acum 21 oră
NASA needs more funding --------------- CHANGE MY MIND
The Bullock Family
The Bullock Family Acum 21 oră
I wish I could believe in this but when NASA is controlled by GOV leaders that change so often it just brings so many doubts. I ❤️ NASA so much but I just have zero faith in our governments commitment to NASA. I 100% hope I’m incorrect but so far I’ve read nothing but budget cuts coming NASA’s way.
TheShadow Playlist
TheShadow Playlist Acum 21 oră
When is that, I'm so excited.
Ilham Maulana
Ilham Maulana Acum 21 oră
Ada indo ga?
Khilesh Anturkar
Khilesh Anturkar Acum 21 oră
Experience and success rate must be fulfill and I know you are ignoring the basic question "WHY, What, For What and How". Every single member must knows the answers of above questions. That means you have to give top most priority to DATA Analysis! Else there is nothing, here is nothing and nothing for just waste of time...
Docfpv Acum 21 oră
I Wish this man was my uncle he's so cool thanks Jeff. ✌🏼🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Aidan Thompson
Aidan Thompson Acum 21 oră
Wait so your going back to the moon mate?
14sgdp g
14sgdp g Acum 21 oră
if i see life on the moon within my lifetime were done
Autotainment Acum 21 oră
USSF is 100% gonna build a military base on the moon.
14sgdp g
14sgdp g Acum 21 oră
your gunna leave us to die on this planet
Widget Acum 21 oră
Its taken a long while but heck, I'll be excited look up at the moon and know there are people there.
Deadstock Acum 22 ore
AYO @NASA you are astronauts are looking a little SUS! like the game AMONG US! L.O.L!
Deadstock Acum 22 ore
AYO @nasa why tf are you sending the imposter to the moon LOL! SUS!
Mills J
Mills J Acum 22 ore
We have billions of money funding wars, mars exploration meanwhile UNICEF still begging for danations to feed the hungry humans on earth.
Ravi Tank
Ravi Tank Acum 22 ore
Such an exiting time to be alive 🚀✨
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez Acum 22 ore
It's like suddenly there are more women than men at NASA lol...
IneptOrange Acum 20 ore
Bro what?
Wake No.
Wake No. Acum 21 oră
No, but that has nothing to do with NASA. It's women that don't like that kind of job as much as men do. We are equal but not the same.
SpoOky Jelle
SpoOky Jelle Acum 22 ore
To boldly go where in this case man has gone before
Akosi RexYT
Akosi RexYT Acum 22 ore
Why is there no firing on the boosters?
SN9 Acum 20 ore
@Mike P It does on earth, but on mars the pressure is lower.
Mike P
Mike P Acum 22 ore
Because the fuel (hydrazine) doesn't produce a visible flame.
tanees wajid
tanees wajid Acum 22 ore
who is watch this for school
A Acum 22 ore
Please just sink you budget in to start ups and making payloads like rovers and such. Your rockets are not good anymore sadly.
Alex Thao
Alex Thao Acum 22 ore
Imagine if NASA had the military's budget. We would be on Mustafar by now
Mario Panonski
Mario Panonski Acum 22 ore
We are going to the moon to eat cheese.
AJ Vasava
AJ Vasava Acum 22 ore
Why I have bad feeling that it will fail .. i don't why but.. Déjà vu ?
Aaron White
Aaron White Acum 22 ore
We are going!
John S
John S Acum 22 ore
Johnny Kim better be on this mission! Semper Fi!
Sean lotivio
Sean lotivio Acum 22 ore
we salute you!
jimmy e
jimmy e Acum 23 ore
The dinosaurs like Boeing and Lockheed keep getting our money, when another company is crushing them. Corruption up the cornhole.
Eduard Acum 23 ore
Inspired video. We are coming, guys!!!
Sebastian Gruenfeld
Sebastian Gruenfeld Acum 23 ore
I'm so excited to see Jonny Kim on the freaking moon!
Wank Wank
Wank Wank Acum 23 ore
Conspiracy theorists: "they're not going to the moon cos of aliens!" NASA: *Goes to the moon. Conspiracy theorists: imma pretend I didn't see that
Petra Marbun
Petra Marbun Acum 23 ore
Mujo Bosanac
Mujo Bosanac Acum 23 ore
Forget Moon people walked on the Moon, Mars is next. I have feeling that we are going to get stuck on the Moon for next 100 years like we are stuck on ISS for past 50 years. NASA sucks!
IneptOrange Acum 20 ore
Fifty years?? For one, the ISS took about ten years to build, and it was an incredibly important step to future manned missions to mars and the moon. Because of the ISS we now know what years in space does to the human body, and you kind of need that if you're sending humans to space.
Hanife Şencan
Hanife Şencan Acum 23 ore
I'm a Turk, but I've always wanted to go into space.
Our Planet
Our Planet Acum 23 ore
love the way you play
Corba D
Corba D Acum 23 ore
Slowly Lounging Simpleton
Corba D
Corba D Acum 23 ore
Think spacex had ride-sharing .. just FYI
indi grace
indi grace Acum 23 ore
If the moon is a reflection of the larger Earth, then going to it would be the truth...we live in a crater and as we see space vehicles go up, turn and level out, they then leave the crater...old maps give much away...
Riley Mannion
Riley Mannion Acum 23 ore
Focused on overspending and underdelivering
Jeffrey Stone
Jeffrey Stone Acum 23 ore
“We are focused on testing 40 year old proven and reliable equipment, wasting billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars and getting us back to the moon by 2071.”
Ryan McInn
Ryan McInn Acum 23 ore
The glossy fertilizer aetiologically float because archer secondarily share aboard a literate july. dead, outrageous stranger
Francisco Santos
Francisco Santos Acum 23 ore
Imagine NASA doing this with SpaceX it would be amazing!
Francisco Santos
Francisco Santos Acum 22 ore
Oh yeah, srry i forgot about that
Coolfred Acum 23 ore
They are, spacex lunar starship is one of the possible landers.
Roland B.
Roland B. Acum 23 ore
Well Starship is part of the Artemis program so yeah.